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When John Stanko began teaching about purpose in 1991, he noticed one common tendency among those who heard. Almost everyone had no problem seeing someone else's purpose, but many had trouble seeing their own. This was true for a number of reasons. First, purpose is second-nature to people, and probably to you. You are so accustomed to who you are and what you do that you don't think you, or your purpose are special. You may be looking beyond who you are to whom God never intended for you to be in search of purpose.

Second, if you are like most people, you probably find it hard to talk about yourself. You were taught to be humble or that it's not polite. Finally, we have heard people say over the years, "I think this may be my purpose," or "I am pretty sure that this is what I was created to do." What's the answer to these obstacles to purpose of false humility, apprehension and hesitation? The answer is a purpose coach and that is where John Stanko can assist you on your PurposeQuest.

Since 1991, John has developed material to go along with his talks and books, resources not only to help people talk about purpose but also to define in clear, simple terms. Since 2001, John has sat with more than 2,000 people all over the world in one-on-one purpose sessions. He has gone on to coach hundreds and some of their stories are included on the testimonial page of this site.

Isn’t this the kind of purpose coach that you need and have been looking for? If so, then study the programs below and choose one that is right for you and your budget. You won't find anyone better in the world at helping you on purpose than John Stanko through PurposeQuest.

Personal One-on-One PurposeQuest Coaching Session

John Stanko has successfully used the profiles from the Institute for Motivational Living (IML) for 15 years and has made them an important part of his purpose tools. When you sign up for a one-on-one session, PurposeQuest will send you a set of three profiles (the DISC, Values and TEAMS profiles) to complete. When you return the results, you will then receive a 55-page personalized report that will serve as the basis for your one-on-one with John. John makes every effort to debrief your results in person, but even if it is by phone, you will find the 90-minute session with John a life-changing experience as many already have.

Battery of All Three Profiles or the DISC Profile Only

If you would simply like to take all three profiles or just the DISC profile and forego the one-on-one, you can click here for a sample of the profile take out and report. After that, download the PurposeQuest order form, pay for the profile(s), and return it to our office. You will then be sent instructions for how to take the profile(s) online or be sent paper profile(s), whichever you prefer.

The Leadership Circle 360 Degree Feedback Profile

PurposeQuest is certified to administer 360 degree executive and leadership profiles. The report from this profile is a treasure trove of information about your leadership style as perceived by those closest to you. You select those who will fill out the anonymous, online survey. From their answers, a profile is provided for you along with a 60-minute session with John to go over your results. John is also available to do this for leadership teams at any organization.

You can read more about The Leadership Circle, the company that has developed this 360 degree feedback tool, on their website. Then contact us and we will set up a profile for you, your organization or your leadership/management team(s).

The Seven Steps of a PurposeQuest Program

The Seven Steps program is designed to take you through the basic steps necessary to be a purposeful leader. The seven steps are designed to help you clarify purpose, define governing values, manage time, set goals, develop a servant-leadership philosophy, hae faith for more and to embrace those things that bring you joy.

The program is a self-study course that includes reading assignments, one CD per step, along with some personal assignments to help you apply the material. When you purchase this program, you are also "purchasing" time with John Stanko, who asks that you check in with him after every second step to review your progress and questions. John is available at any time during your course to assist you in applying the material.

For more information on the Seven Step program, download here.

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