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In 1991, John Stanko conducted his first purpose workshop in Pismo Beach, California, entitled Effectiveness: Finding Your Life Purpose. Since then, he has taught purpose on six continents to thousands of people. He has also developed many programs, seminars, and other resources to help you not just talk about purpose but to be able to clarify and fulfill it.

You will not find another person today teaching purpose like John does. He doesn't just talk about purpose, but is passionate to find ways to help you know what your purpose is and how you can apply it as often as possible.

In this section, you will find the resources that John has developed. Find the one that's right for you, that matches where you are in your PurposeQuest and that will help you get to where you would like to be. Don't wait another minute; invest in yourself and your PurposeQuest. You'll be glad you did!

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Free Resources

  1. The Monday Memo – The Monday Memo is a short article designed to be "in your face" every Monday morning to ask, "Do you know your purpose? If so, what difference does it make in your life? What are you doing about your faith goals? What steps can you take this week to bring you closer to your dreams?" Subscribe here. Visit the Monday Memo archives here.
  2. Weekly Bible Studies – John Stanko provides devotional, inspirational material that focuses on just four verses a day. Subscribe and receive a week's worth of devotionals that come from a book in the New Testament. Subscribe here. Visit the Bible Studies archive here.
  3. Blog Entries – John Stanko writes regular updates on his blog no matter where in the world he finds himself. These include travel updates, new insights and a daily devotional from the book of Proverbs. Subscribe or visit John's blog here.
  4. Life Is a Gold Mine – Are you ready to apply the five gold mine principles in your life? If you are, then why not start with a free download summary of John's book, Life is a Gold Mine: Can You Dig It? Download here.
  5. Your PurposeQuest: John can be heard every Tuesday at 4 PM Eastern USA time on blog talk radio on the Your PurposeQuest show. Once broadcast, every show is available in the network's archives. Join John every week or any time, any day as he interviews guests from around the world who will you with your PurposeQuest as you hear about theirs.


  1. Life is a Gold Mine: Can You Dig It? – John's first book describes the five gold mine principles that any person of purpose must master. Those five are purpose, goals, time management, organization and faith. Complete with exercises at the end of each section to help you apply what you've read on your personal PurposeQuest. (Available in either paper or audio CD.)
  2. I Wrote This Book on Purpose. . . So You Can Know Yours – This book contains a step-by-step process that will enable you to clearly define your purpose in one simple, concise statement. Available in seminar format below as Getting Your Life Back on Track.
  3. Beginner's Purpose Pack – If you are starting your PurposeQuest, or want a good refresher, we suggest you purchase Gold Mine and I Wrote This Book at a special price.
  4. Unlocking the Power of Your Purpose: Studies That Will Enable You to identify Your Life Purpose – Unlocking The Power contains 59 short, easy-to-read chapters that enable you to answer questions you have asked all your life: Who am I? Am I happy doing what I’m doing? Does fear of failure hold me down? How can I overcome that and other fears? This book is perfect for personal or group study.
  5. Beyond Purpose: Keys to Unlockinga Life of Productivity and Fulfillment – Once you know your purpose, you must beyond knowing to doing. That is where Beyond Purpose comes in. It contains a 52-week plan to help you develop your potential. Beyond Purpose is divided into four sections – personal development, creativity, goal-setting and time management.
  6. Advanced Purpose Pack – If you past the initial stages in your PurposeQuest, then you want to invest in Beyond Purpose and Unlocking Purpose to help refine and express your purpose. Available as a package at a reduced price.
  7. Super Purpose Pack – Build your purpose library with all four of John’s books on purpose. Check the specials section of this site for a super purpose pack reduced price.
  8. So Many Leaders, So Little Leadership: Beyond the Power of Position Lies the Price of Leadership – Are you willing to pay the price to be a great leader? If so, then this book is for you. John outlines the price for any leader in terms of purpose, values and self-awareness. He highlights his teaching with three case studies of great historical leaders – Moses, David and Daniel. (Available in paper or audio CD.)
  9. Strictly Business: Soft Skills to Help You in the Hard World of Business – If you are a business person and want to develop your leadership skills, then this book is a tremendous tool to help you do just that. It is short, but packed with practical tips on how you can be a global leader in the 21st century world of globalization.
  10. A Daily Dose of Proverbs: Uncommon Wisdom for Contemporary Living – With wit, wisdom and transparency, John takes a verse from Proverbs for every day of the year and applies it to daily living. You will use this devotional year after year as you discover, along with John, the applications for Proverbs to every area of your life.
  11. The Faith Files: Volume One, The Gospels - Join John as he takes you in a journey, a journey of faith through the New Testament. This book examines every, that's right, every verse that pertains to faith in the New Testament. Yet it isn’t an academic study, but a practical one that includes questions with every verse that will help you not just understand your faith but apply it to daily living. (Available in paper of ebook versions.)
  12. The Revelation Project: A Fresh Look at the Last Book - Revelation promises a blessing to anyone who reads and heeds this book, yet many cannot receive the blessing because of how they approach the book. John asks the reader to suspend all preconceived notions of what Revelation is all about and then read it as a devotional that focuses not on the antichrist, but the Christ! The book is divided into 52 study sections and is perfect for small group or personal study, but can also be read straight through. Either way, the reader is sure to benefit from this common sense approach to this great book.
  13. Changing the Way We Do Church: 7 Steps to a Purposeful Reformation - Is your ministry part of the problem or part of the solution? Are you ready to embrace God-inspired reform or will it be business as usual? The seven steps outlined in this book will challenge you to rethink what the church is and how it should function so that congregations can equip people to embrace purpose not only in the church but also the world! Complete with study questions at the end of each chapter, this book will stir your faith and provide biblical understanding to embrace 21st century ministry with enthusiasm and purpose.
  14. The Faith Files: Volume Two, Paul's Epistles - John continues his study of faith in the New Testament, this time looks at every verse in Paul's epistles that have something to say about faith. This too is a practical study with questions highlighted in bold to help you apply the material you are studying on a daily basis.

Interactive CDs

  1. Five Gold Mine Principles CDs - The five gold mine principles of purpose, goals, time management, organization and faith are critical and foundational to your PurposeQuest. John has recorded a 60-minute CD on each principle for your viewing enjoyment. That's right, these are not CDs that you listen to, but that you watch instead. Pop one into your computer, watch and learn by yourself or with your family and friends.
  2. Order each CD separately or order the entire set of five.

Single CD Messages

  1. Effectiveness: Finding Your Life Purpose - This 60-minute CD contains the basic purpose message that John has delivered more than 1,000 times on six continents.
  2. The Price of Leadership – Listen to John talk about the price that leaders must pay if they are to be a true leader and not one in name only.


  1. Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions About PurposQuest - Quality questions lead to a quality life and PurposeQuest. We hope that you have a lot of questions where purpose is concerned and we hope that John can help you answer them. Here (pdf) are the 10 questions that are asked most often about purpose. If you don't see your question on the list, feel free to write and ask John.


  1. Getting Your Life Back on Track: A Study of Purpose and Goals - Join John in a live seminar setting as he presents the material found in his book, I Wrote This Book in Purpose, So You Can Know Yours. This four-hour, three CD series comes complete with a seminar outline. Order it alone or with a accompanying copy of John's book.

Coaching Resources

  1. Seven Steps of a PurposeQuest - Invest in yourself and your purpose with this comprehensive overview of the seven steps that comprise a successful PurposeQuest. Download this outline that explains this program in more detail and then go the coaching section for more information.


  1. Other PurposeQuest Services - Download these links (PDF) to find out where to buy John's books in other countries, to learn more about John's weekly radio program, to find out more about the profiles that John utilizes in his work, to learn how to write and publish a book and to contribute to John's work in Africa.

Recommended Books

There are many books available that can help you on your PurposeQuest. Look over the attached lists of books that John recommends and then order any of them through When you order by clicking on the title on these recommended book lists, part of your purchase goes to support John's purpose work in Africa and around the world.

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