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John Stanko may be most effective when he is teaching and training. He is in great demand to do retreats, staff development sessions and public seminars covering a variety of topics. Since 1985, John has developed sessions and workshops that equip people for success and effectiveness in such areas as purpose, goal-setting, time management, servant leadership, creativity, and productivity. He is known for his ability to address people of all cultures and backgrounds, and his humor gives him the ability to handle tough assignments with grace and ease.

He has conducted seminars and workshops for such companies as Integrity Music in the United States, Kabul University in Afghanistan, Lippo Bank and Lippo Land in Indonesia, Regent University in Virginia Beach, Kingdom Financial Holdings in Zimbabwe, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, Catholic Relief Services in Kenya and churches, both large and small, in 25 nations including the United States, Canada, England, and Singapore. Through his innovative teaching and cross-cultural leadership development skills, he has enabled churches to grow, businesses to run more efficiently, and leaders to maximize their potential. During his career, Dr. Stanko has helped countless thousands all over the world clarify their purpose and bring order to their world.

Below are some of the most popular services and seminars that John offers. Look them over and see if there is anything that meets your current staff or personal development needs. If not, John is always willing and able to customize a program that is just right for you and your organization. So don’t be limited by what you see, and feel free to contact John with your training need.

Personal Services

  1. One-on-One Purpose Profiling Sessions – These are described in the Coaching section of this site. John conducts these for interested individuals but also as part of his group profiling sessions, described below.
  2. Executive, Leadership and Purpose Coaching – These also are described in the Coaching section of this site.

Seminars and Workshops

  1. Profiling and Team Building Seminar – Since 1993, John has convened business, church and non-profit teams to assess their individual styles and to analyze how these styles can best work together to maximize team performance. Using the DISC, TEAMS and VALUES profiles and graphing the results for all to see, John gives management and leadership an assessment of team needs and capabilities based on organizational objectives and goals in a humorous and energizing way. These team-building seminars have maximized the performance of thousands of people as they have sharpened their ability to work with people of differing, but complementary styles. After a group session, John often meets in one-on-one sessions with the team members, bringing valuable insights to the team leaders of team strengths and weaknesses.
  2. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – Using materials pioneered by John's friend and business author, Patrick Lencioni, John facilitates a three-hour session that explains the five dysfunctions common to all teams. John then administers a simple profile that enables team members to identify where their team falls in the context of the five dysfunctions. John works with the team and leadership to prescribe the way forward as they take steps to improve team performance. A highly informative session, the Five Dysfunctions provides leadership with practical data, strategies, and skills to improve team morale and performance.
  3. The Five Critical Competencies for Global Leaders and Managers – Drawing on his international experience as a coach and trainer, John has identified five competencies that are critical to the success of any leader or manager working in today's global marketplace. John describes these five competencies and assists each participant in assessing their own level of competency through a self-assessment tool that he has developed that provides a score for each participant in each of the five competencies. John then prescribes a plan for each individual's improvement and development. This seminar is perfect for off-site retreats and in-house management training.
  4. The Pacific Institute Training (TPI) – In 2004, John discovered the training at The Pacific Institute and that training, in his own words, made him better at everything he does. John was so impressed that he is now a certified facilitator for TPI and was instrumental in introducing the training in Zimbabwe and Kenya. You can learn more about TPI and its founder, Lou Tice, on their website or you can order Lou’s book here. Then contact John to set up a personalized TPI training program for your organization.
  5. The Natural Church Development (NCD) Profile – One of the most difficult things about working in a church is knowing whether or not leaders are doing the things necessary for the people and church to grow. The NCD profile measures the effectiveness of any church in eight key areas of church life. What’s more, the NCD gives church leaders concrete, proven strategies to improve in areas of weakness or lack. John has administered these profiles since 1998, and has worked with more than 50 churches on three continents to help them understand and address the results. You can read more about the NCD profile on their website or purchase the book to read on your own.
  6. The Seven Steps of a PurposeQuest – While this program is what John uses to coach individuals as a purpose coach, he also introduces the seven steps in a seminar format. John introduces all seven steps and then focuses on two of the seven, base on the needs of the team or audience.
  7. Other Seminars and Workshops – As mentioned earlier, John has developed seminars on a number of topics that would be beneficial to you and your organization. Some of those workshops are listed below, and you can Contact John to get more information if you are interested.
    • How To Survive Working in the Local Church
    • I Can't Be Organized; I'm Creative!
    • Purpose and Values
    • The Price of Leadership
    • The Purpose Craze: What's All This Talk About Purpose?
    • Time Management Made Easier

    If you are interested in any of these services for you or your group, go to the Contact page and request information on how to develop a training program that is just right for you.

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