John has traveled extensively throughout the African continent and today concentrates most of his ministry efforts in the nation of Kenya. There he supports orphanages, schools, and community development organizations through his relief work. His specifically works with the Dr. Stanko Academy and Orphanage in Nairobi with 120 students, 25 of which are orphans, and the many Dr. Stanko libraries that have been established with books John has collected and sent to Kenya. John sponsors annual missions trips to Kenya and has escorted 150 people there in the last ten years.



John has been sponsoring trips to Israel since 1994 and has visited that country 15 times since then. He regularly leads groups there, teaching as they visit the many sights and attractions. If you would like to receive notice about John's next trip, please contact him directly. Join this Unforgettable Israel Tour with Dr. John Stanko and PurposeQuest International! For more information or to secure your spot click