Ways To Contribute to PurposeQuest

We are so grateful for your partnership and friendship with us here at PurposeQuest. Thank you as well for your generous financial contributions that make our work possible all around the world. For your convenience, we provide several ways for you to sow into this ministry. You may choose the QuickPay option, our mobile app, or PayPal to donate directly to our ministry work. Simply follow any of those three links to make your online gift today. You can also send a check to the address at the bottom of this page. Thank you!


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The Kenya Partnerships

Since 1997, I have been visiting Kenya and now have made it my focus for work and ministry in Africa. Every year, I lead a group of people there to connect them with the Kenya team with whom I work and among whom I minister. These are trusted partners who are accountable to us for their ministry work and results.

The Specific Programs of the Kenya Partnership

  1. The Sophia Fund. Since 2009, the Sophia Fund has raised more than $250,000, all of which was directed toward purchasing food for orphans and widows in Kenya. Not one penny of Sophia Fund money goes toward any overhead or administrative costs. It all goes to purchase food. 
  2. The Deborah Foundation. The Deborah Foundation establishes learning centers and libraries that give children, youth, and adults access to wholesome reading material, educational programs, and recreational equipment. To date, seven libraries have been established and annual book drives are held and shipped over to expand the existing libraries and start new ones.
  3. Women’s Equal Education Project (WEEP). Some teen girls cannot attend school at certain times of the month due to lack of basic undergarments and feminine products. WEEP provides these basic needs for almost 600 young ladies ever month once the young women attend a training session and register with our office.
  4. Feed an Orphan for a Month Just $40 will feed and clothe an orphan for a month. You can give this gift in honor or memory of someone when you provide the information and mailing address to whom the acknowledgment can be sent. 
  5. School Fees Program. At present, PurposeQuest partners pay the monthly school fees for ten orphans to escape their slum schools and attend higher quality programs. As funds become available, more orphans are sponsored. You can sponsor a child for about $1,200 to $1,500 per year (depending on the school) and that includes uniforms, room, and board.
  6. Dr. Stanko Academy. Every month, we support the teachers at the Dr. Stanko Academy so the students have a continuity of instruction from teachers they know. You can sponsor a student for $100 per month or help support the twenty orphans that attend school at the Academy.
  7. Leadership Training. John Stanko travels to Kenya several times a year to conduct leadership training for rural pastors who are part of the World Gospel Churches. He distributes books, handouts, and video projectors for church year-round use.