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"The Bible is a book about purpose. It does not teach people to find jobs.
It teaches people to do what God created them to do." - Dr. John Stanko


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The Monday Memo

Memo 1094: Delight

I've been to Israel many times and will be sponsoring a pilgrimage again from March 12-20, 2024. I invite you to be a part of that journey, which I promise will change your life and the way you read the Bible. One of the things that impressed me in my initial visits to Israel is the fact that people walked for days, then sat for days, then had to...

Memo 1093: Earth-Shaking Prayers

We've been examining David's career to see what we can learn to help us live the abundant life. The theme of this series is PowerPoints for Living and this week, we stay in the New Testament to look at what the disciples did after they had been threatened not to publicly speak about Jesus again:

Memo 1092: No More Playing Small

The Bible is a magnificent book. It's timeless and accessible to all, and by that I mean it can be read or heard by the simplest of souls and they will find consolation in their pain and direction for their lives. Yet the Bible is also a complex book written over a few thousand years with many themes and concepts that only yield their light to those who devote time and effort to its study.

Memo 1091: The Main Thing

We are in a series, the third from the life of David, to help you understand how to thrive in your God-given purpose. This series is titled PowerPoints for Living and is designed to extract principles from David's example to help you live an abundant life.

Memo 1090: Mighty in Battle

Hebrews 11 is the familiar chapter that contains many insights into faith and then provides abundant examples of those who exemplified the faith that God loves and honors. As you would imagine, David's name is included among those who are commended for their faith:

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Daily Devotional

March 21, Mercy

Our God is a God of mercy. You cannot earn, presume upon, or understand His mercy. You can only thank Him for it, never fully realizing the reason why He chooses to bestow mercy as graciously and as often as He does. His merciful heart is revealed in His encounter with...

March 20, Emotions

There are some who say that emotions are potentially dangerous and to be avoided when you serve the Lord. Those people must not have read the psalms, for they comprise a book of emotions — anger, joy, frustration, sadness, and gladness just to name a few.

March 19, Stalkers

There is no lack of dangerous trends that stalk mankind. New, exotic diseases baffle experts and defy any cure. Terrorism is on the rise and seems to be in every corner of the world. Bizarre, violent behavior is present in every country. Economies seem to teeter on the verge of collapse. Yet...

March 18, A United Heart

I see three truths in Psalm 86:11, perhaps you see more. First, you never lose your need to learn the ways of God. That requires you be taught by knowledgeable people who know and love the Lord. What are you studying and learning in the Lord? What are you reading? Are you...

March 17, Heartburn

In today’s verse, the psalmist first made a commitment to listen to the Lord’s voice. Do you listen to God’s voice? He speaks every language, speaks through circumstances, through other people — some who know Him, some who...