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"The Bible is a book about purpose. It does not teach people to find jobs.
It teaches people to do what God created them to do." - Dr. John Stanko


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Welcome to the home of the Monday Memo! In 2001, I began writing the Monday Memo in response to people who had heard my message but said they needed to hear more. They wanted more content to help them think through and then identify the purpose in their life, so I began writing a weekly entry to fill that need. My goal was to write six to eight paragraphs every week that focused on the topics of purpose and faith. Eventually I expanded the repertoire to include entries on creativity, goals, and leadership. Little did I know that the Monday Memo would still be going strong more than two decades later!

At first, I managed those who subscribed through Outlook, but before I knew it, I had 18,000 subscribers, and eventually my email program crashed under the "weight" of so many names and emails. Plus, it was a headache for me to manage the list—especially if someone wanted to unsubscribe. In 2006, I converted what I was doing to a blog format and have maintained that since then.

Eventually, I began gathering Memos of like theme into documents and turned them into books when they were long enough (a few are pictured here; all are available on Amazon). To date, I have published 15 books from Memo content with more coming, including my six-part Unlocking series (unlocking the power of your purpose, creativity, productivity, you, faith, and thinking). Now I have expanded my weekly entries to incorporate other themes, but purpose and creativity are still my main foci. I have told people as long as they keep reading, I will keep on writing.

If you check out the categories, I'm sure you will find themes and topics of interest that will help you be more purposeful, creative, and productive. I would estimate about 90% of the Memos are original, with some borrowed from the archives around the holidays or when I was traveling. I welcome your comments and questions, for writing and talking about purpose never gets tired. You can also subscribe to receive the Memo every week on the top right side of this page.

I invite you to check out the rest of my website for more video content on similar topics and you can also download my free mobile app to have that content at your fingertips when you have time to watch or listen. Thanks again for visiting and remember, "You have something to do that only you can do, something for you to be that only you can be. God wants you to know what it is, so if your heart is to hear, His heart is to speak." Enjoy your purpose quest and if I can be of service as you seek, please let me know.

Memo 1119: Your Hair

Last week we looked at how the Lord spoke to young boy named Samuel to tell him what his life work was going to be. We learned that before Samuel was born, his mother Hannah had dedicated him to the Lord. Here is her prayer when gave him to God:

Memo 1119: "Speak to Me, Lord"

This week, we start a new series directed toward young people to help them find their purpose. I am confident there will be lessons for both adults and children in each entry, but I will write with younger readers in mind. I hope you will share these with the young folks in your life.

Memo 1118: A New Series

It's time to start a new series, this one titled "Never Too Young." For the next six months, we'll look at examples from the Bible of young people, some infants or children and others in their teenage years who God used in some significant way. We will look at people like Joseph, Samuel, David, Mary the mother of Jesus, Moses...

Memo 1117: Protecting Your Abundant Life

There are other lessons to be learned about David from his psalms, but this entry will conclude our series titled PowerPoints for Living the Abundant Life. Our objective has been to identify elements in David's life that we can apply in our own pursuit of God's will. In some ways, Psalm 37 like the perfect place to end, for it gives us...

Memo 1116: A Real Conspiracy

It's fashionable these days for people to try and find evidence of a conspiracy in almost any walk of life. When they do, it often makes me think of what the Lord told Isaiah, “Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not...

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Daily Devotional

September 22, Acting Out Envy

Envy is a sneaky disease, for you can look at someone’s success, goods, relationships. reputation, money, job, ministry or looks, and secretly want what they have. In fact, you can get downright angry and agitated that you don’t have what they have. That can lead to 1) bitterness; 2) an effort to get things similar to...

September 21, The Light

First, notice how beautifully these verses are written. They create a vivid picture of a powerful God who uses nature, which of course is His creation, as part of His transportation system. For humans, nature can be an awesome experience, but for God, it is His playground. Second, the psalmist mentions light, and...

September 20, A New Song

The psalmists listed many appropriate responses to God’s mercy and salvation, and in today’s passage the act of singing was not just mentioned but commanded. Everyone is commanded to sing a new song to the Lord, and that can take place either in a corporate church setting or as a private act of worship. Yet one should not take priority over the other...

September 19, Your Fruit

Age is not necessarily a factor in your ability to serve the Lord. In today’s passage, the psalmist declared that those who love and follow God will still bear fruit in old age. This indicates they were bearing fruit while they were younger, so they will still bear fruit in their latter years. What is your fruit?

September 18, Behind the Scenes

Sometimes you may think God did not answer your prayer, but you must consider the possibility that things would have been worse or different than they are if you had not prayed. There are times it may appear God is not acting on your behalf, but you can never say that with...