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"The Bible is a book about purpose. It does not teach people to find jobs.
It teaches people to do what God created them to do." - Dr. John Stanko


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The Monday Memo

Memo 1105: Laundry List for Life

We've been searching for clues to help you live an abundant and overcoming life, as Jesus promised, as you occupy the throne of purposeful living God has assigned you. This week, let's take a quick look at a 'laundry list' of life...

Memo 1104: Limitation Thinking

People regularly ask me how I have been able to do what I've done—write books, publish books, travel, speak, daily social media presence, and teaching. My answer is pretty much the same as I share with them my journey over the last 20 years to confront and replace limitation thinking.

Memo 1103: Poor and Needy

It's obvious that when David sat on his throne, he had power. In fact, he had power before he became king due to his skill with a sling, his musical abilities, and his charisma that caused men to follow him before he had a title.

Memo 1102: No Hiding

Have you noticed how often we have discussed fear in this and in the previous two series? While you may tire of the topic, the Spirit of God has done this with purpose, for there's no greater enemy to your faith than fear. In fact, unbelief is not the antithesis of faith: fear is.

Memo 1101: Answered Prayer

Let's continue to search for clues in David's life that will help us live an abundant life as we sit on the purpose throne God has given us. This week, let's start with Psalm 7, where David was crying out to the Lord because of a man named Cush who was trying to take David's life:

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Daily Devotional

June 6, Do Good to Enemies

David once again cried out that God would deal with those who were evil. Some are uncomfortable with the psalmists’ cries for vengeance, but at least they were not taking matters of revenge into their own hands! They were crying out for God to do it. What’s more...

June 5, God’s Will

If your desire is to know God’s will, then you will do so, for you cannot do what you do not know. This requires that you sincerely desire to know His will, which can be tricky because it involves trust and overcoming fear. If you truly commit to God’s will before you know what it is, your next step is to...

June 4, What’s in Your Heart?

We have been taught not to trust our hearts, for they can be deceitful — and that’s true. Yet just because they “can be” doesn’t mean they are, and God can use your heart to guide your paths. Not every heart matter is a trick, for God put some things in your heart to do so that...

June 3, Slander and Slurs

Psalm 15 asks a question and then provides the answers in the following verses. In verse 3, we learn that the one who can dwell in God’s presence is the person who controls his or her tongue. What does the psalmist mean by godly speech?

June 2, Strategy for Victims

If you have been a victim — and to some extent everyone has — then the worst thing you can do is to try and make things right in your own strength from your own perspective of what you need. The best thing to do is to trust the Lord because when you do, he takes your grief into His own hands!