The Monday Memo

Welcome to the home of the Monday Memo! In 2001, I began writing the Monday Memo in response to people who had heard my message but said they needed to hear more. They wanted more content to help them think through and then identify the purpose in their life, so I began writing a weekly entry to fill that need. My goal was to write six to eight paragraphs every week that focused on the topics of purpose and faith. Eventually I expanded the repertoire to include entries on creativity, goals, and leadership. Little did I know that the Monday Memo would still be going strong more than two decades later!

At first, I managed those who subscribed through Outlook, but before I knew it, I had 18,000 subscribers, and eventually my email program crashed under the "weight" of so many names and emails. Plus, it was a headache for me to manage the list—especially if someone wanted to unsubscribe. In 2006, I converted what I was doing to a blog format and have maintained that since then.

Eventually, I began gathering Memos of like theme into documents and turned them into books when they were long enough (a few are pictured here; all are available on Amazon). To date, I have published 15 books from Memo content with more coming, including my six-part Unlocking series (unlocking the power of your purpose, creativity, productivity, you, faith, and thinking). Now I have expanded my weekly entries to incorporate other themes, but purpose and creativity are still my main foci. I have told people as long as they keep reading, I will keep on writing.

If you check out the categories, I'm sure you will find themes and topics of interest that will help you be more purposeful, creative, and productive. I would estimate about 90% of the Memos are original, with some borrowed from the archives around the holidays or when I was traveling. I welcome your comments and questions, for writing and talking about purpose never gets tired. You can also subscribe to receive the Memo every week on the top right side of this page.

I invite you to check out the rest of my website for more video content on similar topics and you can also download my free mobile app to have that content at your fingertips when you have time to watch or listen. Thanks again for visiting and remember, "You have something to do that only you can do, something for you to be that only you can be. God wants you to know what it is, so if your heart is to hear, His heart is to speak." Enjoy your purpose quest and if I can be of service as you seek, please let me know.

Monday Memo 1153: Finish Well

You don't have to have a title for God to use you. Simeon wasn't part of the priestly family but was simply identified as a man who was "righteous and devout." The Spirit revealed something to him that He did not reveal to those with an official title or Temple position.

Monday Memo 1152: Run the Race

When people ponder currents events and listen to some of the teaching that's out there, they often ask me, "Do you think the end near?" If you've ever asked me that, then you'll know my standard response is "Yes, for me it's closer than it's ever been." And it's closer for you too. None of us are getting out of here alive and unless...

Monday Memo 1151: Old Thoughts

In some of my purpose coaching sessions, I hear people say they are "old." They think they should be further along in their purpose than they are and thus are fearful they are running out of time. Now that I'm in my 70s, it's funny to hear someone in their 40s or 50s tell me they're old. My usual response to them is...

Monday Memo 1150: Keep on Fighting

Last week we began a new series 'Never Too Old for Purpose,' and our objective is to examine people in the Bible who had purpose in their later years. In our first entry, we looked at Caleb who was 85 years old when he said to Joshua his comrade,

Monday Memo 1149: Never Too Old For Purpose

It's time to start a new series since last week we finished the "Never Too Young for Purpose." series. While at breakfast with a friend a few days ago, he said, "Make sure you write something about us older folks and our need not to retire but to stay focused and on purpose."

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Daily Devotional

May 23, Transformed Through Worship

The them in this verse (Psalm 115:8) are idols, and the warning is a sobering one. Those who make idols will become just like them. What is an idol like? It depends on what that idol is, but the scary aspect of this truth is the transforming affect of the idol that comes through worship to the worshipper.

May 22, Response to Thirst

The reference in today’s passage is to the story in Exodus 17:1-7 when the people grumbled against the Lord and complained to Moses because they were thirsty. They demanded that Moses give them water because they wanted their leader to provide for all their needs.

May 21, What a Difference a Day Can Make

Israel had been in Egypt for 430 years, and they had been in slavery most of that time. Then one day, after Pharaoh had refused to release them, he relented and the people of God began the trek know as the Exodus, through the Red Sea to the Promised Land. When they came out of Egypt, the Egyptians were so glad to see them go after the Plagues that they gave the Jews silver and...

May 20, The Lord Reigns

As the psalmists grappled with the state of affairs in Israel and cried out for help and understanding, they always came to the same conclusion. Even though circumstances were not to their liking and were sometimes beyond comprehension, the Lord still ruled and reigned, and ultimately His promises would be fulfilled for His people.

May 19, No Condemnation

The psalmist made a confession that he was more than a little anxious on occasion. That anxiety did not disqualify him from God’s presence, but made God’s presence all the more important to him. What’s more, God was not offended by that most human of emotions and granted him help in his time of trouble.