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Memo 1058: Sharing is Caring

Last week, we read about David's camp being raided and his family being taken captive. When he sought the Lord about pursuing the marauders, he got the assurance he would be successful—and he was. He recaptured everything and everyone and the saying "all's well that ends well" could apply. However...

Memo 1057: Asking On The Go

Guidance should never be a problem for those who know the Lord. God's a great communicator and isn't playing cat-and-mouse or hide-and-seek with His people. If He wants us to do His will, and of course He does, then He must reveal what that will is in clear terms. Of course, He must...

Memo 1056: The Spirit of Pharaoh

Last week, we looked at a chapter in David's life that wasn't his finest hour. He had taken refuge among the Philistines, although if our father-in-law and king were trying to kill us, perhaps we would have done the same thing. At any rate, this week we see that...

Memo 1055: The Power of a Thought

As we continue to read about David, we come upon a season of his life that was not his best version of himself. David despaired of God's continuing help and, being tired of fleeing for his life while he also protected his people, consequently fled to King Achish in Gath, the same king before whom he had acted like a...

Memo 1054: Walkabout

As we continue our travels with David while he was fleeing Saul, we encounter a story in 1 Samuel 26 that seems like déjà vu. We saw the same scenario in 1 Samuel 24: Saul was pursuing David, David was hiding, Saul goes to sleep, David gets near to the king, his advisor suggested they kill Saul, but David...

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Daily Devotional

July 6, Handling Fear

The Bible in general and the book of Psalms in particular speak about fear a great deal, since it is so common and prevalent among all human emotions. Fear can neither be ignored, nor can it be allowed to rule by saying, “I’m only human.” Recently, I received an email update from an author named Seth Godin that spoke about fear. Here is what he wrote:

July 5, Fear No Evil

David faced the temptation to fear, but he avoided it by determining not to be afraid no matter how foreboding the situation was. Instead, he chose to focus on the fact that the Lord was with him to comfort him in his troubles. Fear is the great enemy of your faith, and even if the Lord speaks to you...

July 4, Your Stuff

In today’s verse, David made a clear statement of commitment and devotion to the Lord. Perhaps it’s a good thing that David did not live in our materialistic age, where the emphasis is to own cars and more cars, clothes and trendier clothes, games and more complex games, homes and bigger homes.

July 3, Dealing with Godless Fools

A correct understanding of God is required for any and all righteousness. Without that, God identifies the godless as fools and their ability to do good is minimized. Therefore, the best way to turn around evil and wickedness is to convert the evil doer into a God-fearer.

July 2, Your Purpose

God determined that mankind would rule over the works of His hands and therefore gave man a mandate to do so: “God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and...