July 30, Your Emotional Health

Today’s reading: Psalms 146-150

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”
- Psalm 147:3.

The Lord is mindful of your emotional condition and can heal your hurts just like He can heal your physical problems. If the Lord is that interested in your emotional health, then you should be as well. That means you should take your feelings seriously, especially if you are depressed, angry, tense or fearful. All those emotional conditions can not only affect your energy levels, they can also impact your physical health. If you had a physical problem, you would hopefully consult a physician. In the same manner, if you have an emotional problem, you should consult a counselor or pastor with whom you can share your condition and get some help. This help is really God’s way of healing your broken heart and binding up your emotional wounds. Are you paying attention to your emotional state? Are you trying to “tough it out” even though your heart is hurting? What is stopping you from getting some help? Is it pride? Finances? A bias against counseling or counselors? Do you really believe that emotional health is possible and a priority?


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