July 31, Studying God’s Word

Today’s reading: Psalm 119

“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things
in your law”
- Psalm 119:18.

Today’s verse contains a good prayer for you to pray when you are studying God’s word. You are studying God’s word, aren’t you? I am not talking about doing a quick reading every now and then, but actually delving into the sometimes intricate but always rewarding concepts and history contained within the text. This process requires something from you to be a rewarding experience: 1) time invested; 2) a teacher, whether in person or through commentaries and books; 3) prayer; 4) consistency; 5) a desire to know the Word; and 6) a study of related concepts like language, history, geography and other helpful subjects. How much time do you devote to the study and not just casual reading of God’s word? Why so little? What lifestyle or attitude changes can you make that will allow you to devote more time to the most important book there is?


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