May 13, Making and Keeping Vows

Today’s reading: Psalms 61-65

“For you, God, have heard my vows; you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name” - Psalm 61:5.

A vow is a promise or a commitment to do something. It starts with a sense that a course of action is right for you, so you speak to confirm your agreement with that sense. It can be as simple as “I’ll call you” or as complex as “I’m going back to school.” When you make these vows, God is listening and is willing to help you fulfill them. When you break those promises, God considers it a serious breach of integrity. The interesting thing is that often you make vows when you sing in church: “I surrender all” or “I will seek You with all my being” are also vows, even though they are put to music. Are you a person who makes and keeps your vows? Do you under-promise and over-deliver, meaning you say little but then follow through on the impression you had of what you need to do, especially for others? Is your word your bond, or do you say things to make yourself and others feel better, with little capability or intention of following through?



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