May 22, Response to Thirst

Today’s reading: Psalms 116-120

“By the waters of Meribah they angered the Lord, and trouble came to Moses because of them; for they rebelled against the Spirit of God, and rash words came from Moses’ lips”  - Psalm 116:32-33.

The reference in today’s passage is to the story in Exodus 17:1-7 when the people grumbled against the Lord and complained to Moses because they were thirsty. They demanded that Moses give them water because they wanted their leader to provide for all their needs. This was an unrealistic demand and, what’s more, the Lord had already proved He would provide, yet the people did not believe or remember. If you are experiencing lack, are you blaming the leadership of your company, school or church for your problems? If you are a leader, are you trying to do more for the people than you can really do? Or, if you are a leader, are you angry with the people instead of taking their demands and complaints to the Lord for His direction and counsel, as Moses did? What is the Lord trying to teach you in the midst of your life situation where there is no water?



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