Memo 1011: Lord of All the Earth

As we continue to learn how to unlock the power of our faith, this week we look at another Old Testament story. this time the account Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at 10.22.30 AMof Joshua leading the people across the Jordan into the Promised Land. When the time had come, Joshua sent word throughout the camp: "When you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God, and the Levitical priests carrying it, you are to move out from your positions and follow it. Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before" (Joshua 3:3-4). Faith takes you where you have never been, which is the topic of this week's Memo. Let's get started.


Keep in mind they had been wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, often retracing their steps over the same ground they had previously traveled. Finally, it was time for a change, something new and fresh. The same may be true in your own life but you don't know where to go or how to get there. The good news is God is with you as you determine your faith agenda. Let me explain.

My faith focus is usually around those things in which I have an interest and have some ability or gift. My faith goal is not to climb a tall mountain, for I am not that coordinated. It is not to run in the Olympics, for I'm not that fast. But in 2014, I had a desire to start a publishing company. I had written many books and had even consulted on a few for others, so this idea was certainly new but not outlandish or unreasonable. So therefore I set out on a new way and eight years later, I have helped more than 50 people publish their work while continuing to publish mine. My faith goal was a stretch goal but it wasn't one that was totally unrelated to who I am and the gift(s) I have.

Here are the rest of the instructions the people received prior to their river crossing:

See, the ark of the covenant of the Lord of all the earth will go into the Jordan ahead of you. Now then, choose twelve men from the tribes of Israel, one from each tribe. And as soon as the priests who carry the ark of the Lord—the Lord of all the earth—set foot in the Jordan, its waters flowing downstream will be cut off and stand up in a heap" (Joshua 3:11-13).

Joshua reminded the people that God was and is the "Lord of all the earth" and He would exert His Lordship over one of His earthly elements by once again parting the waters so the people could cross.


When I started publishing, I had to follow the Lord's leading and step out. Some told me it was not a good time to start a publishing company but I resigned my job, forfeiting 80% of my income at the time, to follow the ark—so to speak. There were days when my checking account only had a few hundred dollars but the "Lord of all the earth" always provided. He has brought the authors, taught us how to produce book covers, shown us marketing strategies, and helped us learn from our mistakes. He has certainly gone before us and has held back the waters so we could cross into our publishing Promised Land.

Do you realize what it means that the "Lord of all the earth" is by and on your side, leading and guiding, walking and providing? What difference is that making in your life? Are you walking around your wilderness or are you moving toward a river crossing that will take you from your status quo to your Promised Land? Are you looking at the waters ahead and wondering how you will cross or are you putting one foot in front of the other, trusting that when you reach the riverbanks, only then and not before will the waters cease to flow so you can cross?

When you unlock the power of your faith, it will take you to a place you have never been before, just like those wandering Jews. Are you ready to go? I hope so for the wilderness is not your land flowing with milk and honey. The best is yet to come for you but only if you can learn how to follow the ark of the "Lord of all the earth" and then trust that the Lord will move heaven and parts of earth to help you get you where you need to go. Have a blessed week!


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