October 21, Rebuilding

Today’s reading: Psalms 101-105

“For the Lord will rebuild Zion and appear in his glory.
He will respond to the prayer of the destitute; he will not despise their plea” - Psalm 102:16-17.

Perhaps you are facing a situation in your life that was damaged or destroyed through sin, negligence or through the uncertainties of life. Maybe your business failed, or a relationship ended that you valued. You could have had a ministry setback or an investment go wrong into which you made a significant deposit. It’s even possible that your own sin brought harm to those closest to you. Today’s passage speaks to God’s role as a Rebuilder, who will respond to your plea for help and partner with you to restore that which was lost, stolen or broken. Even Samson, who made such a mess of his life, was granted a second chance after his hair was cut and his strength lost: “But the hair on his head began to grow again after it had been shaved. . . Then Samson prayed to the Lord, ‘Sovereign Lord, remember me. Please, God, strengthen me just once more, and let me with one blow get revenge on the Philistines for my two eyes’” (Judges 16:22, 28). God heard Samson and his strength and purpose were restored. Are you facing a rebuilding job in some area of your life? Then embrace the task with enthusiasm and ask the God who has restored what was lost for so many to help you restore your lost world. It’s never too too late. God, I accept the opportunity to restore what I forfeited in my life through my own negligence. Thank You for the second chance!


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