October 27, Signs Are for Unbelievers

Today’s reading: Psalms 131-135

“He struck down the firstborn of Egypt, the firstborn of people and animals. He sent his signs and wonders into your midst, Egypt, against Pharaoh and all his servants” - Psalm 135:8-9.

Right before Israel left Egypt for good, the Lord unleashed the last of the plagues, which was the death of each firstborn creature in the land (except for those in Israel, of course). This finally convinced the Egyptians to release the Israelites so they could journey toward their Promised Land, but the plague did not convince the Egyptians to serve the Lord. That is a curious thing, for God proved His existence and power to them, but they did not believe. Many people have said, maybe even you, that if you had some kind of sign, then you would believe God was speaking to you. That is probably not accurate In most cases, God performs signs for the unbeliever to prove that He is real or that He is speaking to them. Yet, they can be so steeped in unbelief that they miss the message altogether! The same can happen to you. It is not faith that demands or looks for a sign, but unbelief, and still the sign is no guarantee that you will respond in faith. Where in your life are you waiting for sign that, even if it came, may not move you to action? Can you see that the problem is not God’s lack of confirmation, but your fear and lack of trust? Perhaps today you stop holding God’s purpose for your life hostage, demanding a sign in return for its release?


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