Session 1: What Will You Stop Doing?

In this session, John looks at Acts 6:1-7 as he begins his discussion of the price of leadership. In this passage, he looks at three lessons important for all leaders to remember as they lead.


Session 2: Jesus' Thoughts on Leadership

John shares some of his thoughts on the current start of affairs in leadership along with some thoughts on biblical insights into what it means to lead.


Session 3: The State of Modern Leadership

In this third session, John shares his assessment of where modern leadership is at along with some conclusions he has reached about leadership in general.


Session 4: Case Study: Moses

In this session, John looks at the price of leadership for Moses, which included education, training, and purpose.


Session 5: Case Study: David

In this session, John looks at the life of King David to see what his price of leadership was.


Session 6: Case Study: Daniel

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