Session 1: The Biblical Case for Personality

John discusses his journey to accept his personality as from the Lord.


Session 2; The DISC Profile - Discovering the Real You

In this session, goes over the basic philosophy behind the DISC personality assessment.


Session 3: The Common Characteristics of Your Style

In this session, John looks at the common traits and fears for each one of the four basic styles.


Session 4: Effeciveness and Excellence

In Session 4, John discusses your spiritual gifts, presenting a bit of a different perspective than usual, but showing that your gifts make it possible for you to be effective and produce excellence.


Session 5

In Session 5, John looks at 1 Corinthians 12:4-6 and discusses three concepts that relate to your spiritual gifts: your gift, its expression, and its effect.


Session 6

In this final session, John gives you some practical tips to help you identify your gifts beyond what is traditionally taught about gifts and then some advice on how to develop and express them.


For further study we recommend:

Unlocking the Power of You


Since 1991, John Stanko has helped people all over the world understand their personality and how it relates to their purpose and creativity. Now John brings decades of experience to you in this book so you can understand that your strengths, weaknesses, gifts and personality are all part of who God made you to be.

Included in this volume are 52 short studies that will help you be more comfortable in your own skin so you can flow in God’s will for your life. John has worked with individuals and organizations the world over so individuals can focus on their strengths and teams can be more productive as members learn to focus on strengths rather than weakness. In this book, Unlocking the Power of You encourages you to stop fighting who you are, and teaches you that your personality is an important part of your ability to fulfill God’s plan for your life. Whether you are detailed or not, like to multi-task or prefer one job at a time, enjoy many friendships or just a few, this book will help you be at peace that you are who you are in God’s plan for your life. If you are good enough for God, shouldn’t you be good enough for yourself as well?