September 14, Your Story

Today’s reading: Psalms 66-70

“He turned the sea into dry land, they passed through the waters on foot—come, let us rejoice in him” - Psalm 66:6.

The psalmists were constantly rehearsing and restating their history, both as individuals and as members of the people of God. They did this to help themselves in their current crisis, reminding themselves that God had been faithful in the past and He would be again. They needed that reassurance because they were in the midst of difficult circumstances. You also need to learn to rely on your story of God’s faithful track record with you in times of trouble. It may not even hurt to write down your story, including all the blessings and all the recoveries you have made in the Lord — the latter being difficult times you survived by God’s grace. You can also include in this list the benefits God has bestowed on His people, things like forgiveness of sins, salvation, healing, health, His presence, fellowship with other saints, and the like. Do you need to review your story? Do you rejoice in what God has done for you, even if today is not a season with a reason to rejoice for you? Can you rehearse your past story in such a way that it encourages you today?


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