Available Blogs

John endeavors to make his writings available for those who cannot purchase his books through his multiple blogs and social media outlets. Here is quick overview of his blogs and their general focus.

The Monday Memo

John began writing and sending out the Monday Memo in March, 2001. He has told many audiences, "My purpose in writing the Monday Memo is simple. I want to be in your face every Monday morning, asking you, 'Do you know your purpose? What are you doing about it? What faith steps are you taking that are bringing you closer to your goals? Are you using your time wisely? Are you helping others discover their purpose?"

If you want John to bring you regular purpose and faith reminders, then sign up for The Monday Memo. A complete collection of all the Memos is included on this page.

Weekly Bible Studies

John began developing online Bible studies in 2001 and completed a verse-by-verse study of the entire New Testament in 2010. Since then, he has published those studies under the title Live the Word Commentaries, which are available in paper or Kindle formats. Now John has begun a Purpose Study that focuses on the Old Testament. You can access all John's commentaries, Old and New, here, where you can also sign up to receive notices when he publishes a new entry.

Personal Blog

John has written a personal blog since 2006 and has published material on a wide variety of topics like purpose, leadership, his travels, his relief and development work in Kenya, and his daily devotionals. From 2011 to 2015, John wrote a daily devotional, all of which are available on the blog as well as for purchase as books. If you would like to receive a notice when John has written a new entry, you can sign up here. John also posts a devotional Monday through Friday on all his social media outlets.

Daily Reflections from the Psalms

John's most popular devotional is the one that draws its material from the book of Psalms. This daily inspirational work is available in book and Kindle formats and is also available on this site every day.


March 21, Mercy

Our God is a God of mercy. You cannot earn, presume upon, or understand His mercy. You can only thank Him for it, never fully realizing the reason why He chooses to bestow mercy as graciously and as often as He does. His merciful heart is revealed in His encounter with...

March 20, Emotions

There are some who say that emotions are potentially dangerous and to be avoided when you serve the Lord. Those people must not have read the psalms, for they comprise a book of emotions — anger, joy, frustration, sadness, and gladness just to name a few.

March 19, Stalkers

There is no lack of dangerous trends that stalk mankind. New, exotic diseases baffle experts and defy any cure. Terrorism is on the rise and seems to be in every corner of the world. Bizarre, violent behavior is present in every country. Economies seem to teeter on the verge of collapse. Yet...

March 18, A United Heart

I see three truths in Psalm 86:11, perhaps you see more. First, you never lose your need to learn the ways of God. That requires you be taught by knowledgeable people who know and love the Lord. What are you studying and learning in the Lord? What are you reading? Are you...

March 17, Heartburn

In today’s verse, the psalmist first made a commitment to listen to the Lord’s voice. Do you listen to God’s voice? He speaks every language, speaks through circumstances, through other people — some who know Him, some who...

March 16, Ethical Skill

David was a great leader who, for the most part, had an ethical compass that kept him righteous along with skill that made him effective. For you to be truly successful, you will need both those components working in your life. Skill without ethics can make you proud, believing you can...

March 15, Self Prayer

The 150 psalms were written by numerous authors, one of whom was Solomon. In today’s passage, Solomon began his psalm with a prayer, which must have been the theme for his reign, which was getting divine wisdom so he could rule well. Solomon prayed for himself that he would be able to...