Daily Reflections

from the Book of Psalms

November 29, Mind Battle

You are probably surprised (not) that David was in trouble again, so he penned this psalm telling God of his troubles, and his desperate need for the Lord’s presence and help. David was fighting battles against his enemies, but notice that that he was also...

November 28, The God of Creation

A recurring reference in the entire Book of Psalms is the creation story from Genesis 1 and 2. Why is that? Keep in mind that many of the psalms were written when the author was in some kind of trouble. Then the psalms were edited and given their...

November 27, Weaned or Unweaned?

If you have ever been around older children who are still feeding on breast milk, you know it can be an awkward scenario when those children are hungry. When they are hungry, the child doesn’t care where he or she is or...

November 26, Faith to Replace

It is common to experience loss in life due to its fragile nature. The good news is that God is with you in those times of loss, and He is able to restore what was lost in His own way that is also meaningful to you. For example, you can lose a business but...

November 25, Jesus’ Priority

Jesus gave His life not only to save souls, but also to place those souls in a Church that He is building. The Apostle Paul realized this truth, and gave his adult life to found, structure, and nurture churches throughout the Roman Empire, not considering...

November 24, Goals

David was not simply a defensive warrior, but he often went on the offensive and met with stiff resistance. Then there were times when his enemies tried to push him back, but he refused to yield any ground, and called on the Lord for help.

November 23, Trust Reminder

These verses are in the midst of a series of psalms that encourage the reader to trust in the Lord, no matter what people say to discourage such thinking or what the circumstances look like. It is interesting that the theme of trusting the Lord...

November 22, The Unexpected

If you visit Israel today, you will visit the Jordan Valley, where the desert has been transformed into a lush agricultural area, the fruit of which is exported to cities all over Europe! That is exactly what the psalmist said God is able to do — take that which others...

November 21, Rhythm of Life

There is a rhythm of life, established by God through His wisdom and creativity. Psalm 104 focuses on God’s creation, which includes not only the objects you see, but the patterns that men, animals, and planets follow.

November 20, Empty-Handed

When the Lord instituted the concept of an offering, it was not because He needed anything from mankind. It was simply to make mankind mindful that all he had came from the Lord. At the same time, the offerings were used to...

November 19, Profound Thoughts

The psalmist was obviously enamored with God and all that He did. The writer also stated that God’s thoughts are profound. Have you ever considered that God’s thoughts are profound? That means they are full of meaning, insight, and knowledge.

November 18, Your Legacy

You don’t just want God to bless your work, you also want Him to establish it--to give it a foundation and lasting power so it can maximize its impact on others for the Lord. This is commonly referred to as a legacy, some ongoing effect that...

November 17, It’s Not About You

The Lord takes it personally when anyone persecutes His church and His people. When Saul was on the Damascus Road on his way to arrest and harass believers, the Lord Jesus appeared to Him and said, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.” (Acts 9:5)

November 16, How Long?

The psalmist was asking how long God would take sides against His people and not judge those who did not know or serve the Lord. God, however, is more interested in shaping His own into the people they need to be than in judging the...

Your Life Matters



For centuries, people have turned to the Book of Psalms to help make sense and to find comfort in times of trouble. They have also gone there to find words to express the praise in their hearts for the magnificence and glory of God. In Your Life Matters: Daily Reflections from the Book of Psalms, John Stanko adds his own insight into the Psalms and how they relate to your life matters such as suffering, prayer, the poor, mercy, grace and leadership. For every day of the year, John assigns a reading from Psalms, picks a verse or passage, makes some devotional comments, asks some pointed questions and adds a cross reference to another portion of the Bible. Your Life Matters is practical, inspirational, and helpful, and is certain to become your daily favorite to help you reflect on your life and God’s role in it.