Daily Reflections

from the Book of Psalms

March 2, God’s Cause, Your Cause

God cares for orphans and the downtrodden, yet those are the very people who are often victimized by societies and their unjust laws and practices. It seems that God takes it personally when they are oppressed and deals directly with the oppressors so they will ‘never again strike terror.’ It makes sense that if God values the orphan and the weak, then we should as well.

March 1, Grace or Works?

God’s favor can also be labeled God’s grace. What God does, He does because He is motivated by His character of love. When you try to earn what only God can give, you try to establish that God owes you something in response to your labors. Unfortunately, God never...

February 29, Honesty with God

You may think that you cannot be honest with the Lord or that there are certain things you cannot say to Him. Think about that for a minute. If He knows your thoughts from afar and knows your words before you speak them, then if He were going to...

February 28, The Spirit’s Role

God wants to reveal Himself to you but you need help to see and understand. God reveals His thoughts in His word through the illumination of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus explained how this would take place in John 16:13: “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth.

February 27, Anointed Work

When someone was anointed in the Old Testament, they were marked with oil to indicate that God was with them to perform some special role or task. Today, anointing tends to be restricted in people’s minds to church work, but you are anointed to do whatever God is with you to do, which is your life purpose.

February 26, Fruit of Your Labor

The psalmist stated that there is a reward for all those who fear and obey the Lord. Those who fear Him are blessed, but God also enables them to eat the fruit of their labor, as well as enjoy blessings and prosperity. The wisdom writer later wrote about blessings and prosperity:

February 25, Mercy Focus

Today’s passage is from the psalms of ascents, those psalms that pilgrims sang or recited as they made their way up to Jerusalem for one of the many religious festivals. The topic of this psalm is focus, for the pilgrims were not focusing on the danger, inconvenience, or...

February 24, Dealing with Fear

Your self-talk is important, for you will either talk yourself into fear or out of it? Of what or whom are you afraid? Are you prepared to confront and overcome that fear today?

February 23, Idolatry

Idolatry is a dehumanizing experience. It causes the worshiper to take on the traits of the object of worship. In today’s passage, those traits would be loss of the ability to communicate effectively, or to see or hear accurately — especially spiritual things.

February 22, Tell Your Story

The playwright Oscar Wilde once said, “Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.” You have a past, a story of how God found you, healed you and how He is using you. You also have a story of your failures and how God worked good in and through them.

February 21, Praise Party

Do you praise Him for His benefits, or are you bogged down in your circumstances that are less than ideal? Remember what Paul wrote in Philippians 4:6 and then overcome your anxiety with a praise party every day:

February 20, Justice for the Poor

God values justice and desires that His people and especially His leadership be committed to establish and administer justice without bias or prejudice. In the New Testament, James, the brother of Jesus, wrote about one form of injustice: bias against the poor. Here is what he wrote:

February 19, Fruitfulness

Palm trees grow well in hot climates, with moderate to little rainfall. Yet they grow to stately heights and some produce dates and coconuts. This palm tree simile is one that should describe your life as you walk with the Lord in His...

February 18, Attack of the Enemy

You may think the enemy will never try to get the better of you or oppress you. That would be incorrect. The enemy will try and try, and sometimes seem like he has the upper hand, but ultimately God will have the victory in and through you.

Your Life Matters



For centuries, people have turned to the Book of Psalms to help make sense and to find comfort in times of trouble. They have also gone there to find words to express the praise in their hearts for the magnificence and glory of God. In Your Life Matters: Daily Reflections from the Book of Psalms, John Stanko adds his own insight into the Psalms and how they relate to your life matters such as suffering, prayer, the poor, mercy, grace and leadership. For every day of the year, John assigns a reading from Psalms, picks a verse or passage, makes some devotional comments, asks some pointed questions and adds a cross reference to another portion of the Bible. Your Life Matters is practical, inspirational, and helpful, and is certain to become your daily favorite to help you reflect on your life and God’s role in it.