September 28, Your Personality

Today’s reading: Psalms 136-140

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well”
- Psalm 139:14.

Most people realize the truth of this verse where their physical makeup is concerned. How the body parts function together is truly amazing and is cause for awe-inspired worship. Yet many would not feel the same about their personality, believing they are seriously flawed and too marred for God to use them until He performed major internal surgery. Your personality, while affected by sin, is as much a creation of God as your internal organs and bodily functions. What aspect of your personality are you convinced is not from the Lord, like your impatience or your lack of mercy? Can you see that God can use your impatience to help fight child abuse or some other dysfunction where patience is not a virtue? Can you see that God can use your lack of mercy, which He orchestrated, to deliver a tough-to-say word to someone who needs to hear it? Can you see that God can use your short attention span to get things started that others with more diligence can finish? The point is that what you are considering a shortcoming may not be one at all, which means you can thank God for it rather than unsuccessfully waiting for Him to change what He created for His purposes in the first place.


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