May 11, Cast Your Cares on Him

Have you ever had someone say in response to your problem, “You just need to give it to the Lord.”? It can be annoying and even difficult to comprehend how you can hand off a visible problem to an invisible God. What they are really saying, and what the psalmist was communicating in this verse, is that you must first...

Purpose Study Bible 68: A Transcendent Economy

Let's revisit a concept we touched on in the last entry and that is how God began treating His people differently than He did the Egyptians:

Purpose Study Bible 67: Purpose Prayers

The plagues began in Egypt with the Nile being turned to blood. Then there was a swarm of frogs throughout the land, but the Egyptian magicians were able to replicate what Moses had initiated. Then there was a plague of gnats and it was...

Purpose Study Bible 66: Your Snake

After Pharaoh refused to allow the Israelites to leave Egypt, God initiated a series of plagues but first He gave Pharaoh one last chance to avoid the carnage that was to come to his land:

John has been teaching on the topics of purpose, creativity, goal setting, time management, and faith since 1991, and has gained insight and often taught about or written about those topics from a biblical perspective. For the remainder of his days, John wants to share what he has learned with his readers on these five topics he has labeled the five Gold Mine Principles through what has titled the Purpose Study Bible. This particular study will begin in Genesis and move on in an orderly fashion through the rest of the Old Testament.

John's goal is not to make his readers experts on what the Bible has to say about purpose or creativity, but rather to help them become people of purpose, for as Jesus said, "Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them" (John 13:17). That is why his commentaries are called Live the Word, for that is what we are all expected to do.

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